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Five Of The Best Dairy Free (Vegan) Chocolates

Five Of The Best Dairy Free (Vegan) Chocolates

Over the past few months, I’ve been having a pretty terrible time taste testing dairy free chocolate to allow me to share with you my top five (I know, pretty selfless right).

In all seriousness, there are some pretty naff vegan chocolate alternatives out there so save yourself the heartache of buying something claiming to be ‘as good as the real thing’ only to find out it’s bitter and grainy:

Ombar Raw Chocolate

I have Lifebox to thank for bringing Ombar into my life as I was fortunate enough to receive some of their dark chocolate buttons in my Spring Box. I intended to have just one button to check the taste but guess what…the whole pack disappeared pretty quickly! They are dark chocolate but they melt in your mouth and are incredibly moreish.

Ombar vegan chocolate review

A couple of weeks after receiving and demolishing these, I was meandering round Out Of This World in Leeds when I spotted this:

Ombar dairy free chocolate

Of course, I felt obliged to buy it as part of my due diligence to bring you the best dairy free chocolate options. And my oh my, was it worth it!! This is the creamiest of all the dairy free chocolate I’ve tasted since I started my mission. It was milk like on the outside with a creamy centre that just melted. I would definitely recommend this if you like sweet and creamy chocolate.

The only downside to Ombar is that it is on the pricey side. I paid £1.99 for a 35g bar but if you fancy treating yourself, go for it! Take a look at the range of flavours they offer on their website.


I was so excited when I saw the range of flavours available in iChoc’s range of vegan chocolate! I couldn’t decide so I opted for three: Choco Cookie, White Vanilla and Almond Orange.

iChoc vegan chocolate review

The Choco Cookie bar reminded me of Oreo biscuits (which in case you didn’t know, are also vegan). They had a crunchy biscuit like bit inside, along with a creamy centre that helped it to melt in your mouth.

White Vanilla was my least favourite of the three flavours I chose. If you’re expecting Milky Bar-esque chocolate from this, please don’t buy it as you will be disappointed! I think the name does describe this well – it does taste like vanilla but I think it was just too creamy for me.

The Almond Orange bar was probably the one I found the most moreish as it wasn’t quite as sickly as the other two. It also had a great texture with a slight almond crunch.

These bars are also slightly more affordable but still on the pricey side at £1.99 for 80g.

Moo Free

From the packaging, I wasn’t expecting great things from this – particularly as it claimed it was a milk chocolate alternative which I had not had so much success with. But, this chocolate does deserve all the awards it has received. They also do various different flavours including orange and fruit and nut.

Moo Free Vegan chocolate
Very tasty and around £2.50 for 100g. Another plus is that they guarantee it doesn’t have any traces of milk in (as opposed to the usual ‘may contain traces of’ cover your back message).

Sainsbury’s Free From Chocolate

I know, I was surprised too! But this is honestly one of the best milk chocolate dairy free / vegan alternatives I’ve come across. A lot more affordable too at around 60p for a 25g bar.

Must be good as I managed to scoff it before taking a photo but you can get it here.

Green & Black’s Organic Mint Chocolate Bar

When I first had my call with my York Test nutritionist after discovering my intolerance to dairy, she told me about this chocolate as an dairy free alternative. But it took me so long to find! Even my favourite shop in Leeds which stocks around 10 different flavours of Green & Black’s didn’t stock it so I had to resort to online shopping!

Green and blacks mint chocolate dairy free

Let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with Green & Black’s and if you like mint, this will be a great option for you.

I hope you find this useful. Please do contact me if you’ve come across any other good alternatives, I’d love to know about them!

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