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Fit Bakes Skinny Brownies: can a brownie really be delicious AND healthy?

Fit Bakes Skinny Brownies: can a brownie really be delicious AND healthy?

What do you get if you mix sweet potato with medjool dates, coconut oil, maple syrup, almonds, oats, cacao and erythritol (sugar substitute)?

Potentially one of the richest and most moist (I hate that word too but it’s called for here) chocolate brownies I’ve ever tasted! Add into the mix that these Fit Bakes brownies are dairy free, gluten free and only 140 calories per pack of pack of five mini bakes and, all of a sudden, these decadent treats are right up there as one of my all time favourites.

Fit Bakes Skinny Brownies Review

While I don’t want anyone reading this to get hung up on their calorie consumption (I’ve been there, it’s not good for anyone), I have to put this into perspective. You know those mini chocolate brownies you can buy at Marks and Spencer? For the same weight (80g), you’d be munching your way through 392 calories! 2.8 times more than the calorie intake you’d be getting if you ate the same number of Fit Bakes Skinny Brownies.

‘Skinny’ or ‘healthy’ foods have, quite rightly, got a pretty bad rep over the last few years due to the level of sugar and salt contained in them in order to make them half edible. For this reason, I’m keen to stress that Fit Bakes should not be classed in this category. Take a look at the ingredients:

Fit Bakes Skinny Brownies Ingredients

Yes you are reading that correctly. The top ingredient in these little beauties is sweet potato followed by medjool dates! It doesn’t take a magician to work out what the top two ingredients in the M&S version are. Yep that’s right, sugar followed by butter.

Back to the actual taste and texture. It would be all well and good banging on about the health of these brownies but it would mean nothing if they didn’t actually hit that sweet spot. These certainly don’t disappoint on that front though. If you did a taste test with someone who didn’t know these weren’t your usual brownie filled with nasties, I guarantee they wouldn’t realise. They’re not too heavy but certainly still give you that chocolate fix that I have certainly craved since discovering my intolerance to dairy. The texture is just as good – slightly sticky but with that smoothness they need.

Fit Bakes Skinny Brownies Review

To conclude, in case you didn’t guess, I am certainly a Fit Bakes ‘skinny’ brownie convert. Thanks to Ella for bringing her Brazilian influence to the UK. I hope you’ll be adding more dairy-free delights to your portfolio very soon…I’m here if you need a taste tester ;)!

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  1. Kate, thank you for the kind words! We have a bell in the corner of our bakery and it’s only rang when we achieve something great, and guess what: bells are ringing for your review!! 👏👏👏👏👏

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