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Eating with an intolerance at Kendells Bistro, Leeds

Eating with an intolerance at Kendells Bistro, Leeds

Kendells is one of my all time favourite restaurants in Leeds. That said, I hadn’t visited it since identifying my intolerance so I was intrigued as to how well they would cater for it.

For anyone who hasn’t visited Kendells before, it’s a cosy french bistro tucked away next to The Wardrobe in Leeds. I just love the little quirks, from the busy furnishings to the menu being presented to you on the wall. Apparently, although I haven’t experienced this first hand, customers seated too far away from the menu (don’t get me wrong, the restaurant isn’t huge) receive binoculars to be able to read it!

We were greeted by a lovely lady who showed us to our table before a waiter came to offer us water and bread. Interestingly, before bringing the bread, he asked if either of us was gluten free. For me, this was a nice novelty as it made a change from me having to offer up the fact that I was going to be an awkward customer myself! Of course, I did then have to admit that I can’t eat dairy either and it turned out they didn’t have both gluten AND dairy free bread but it made a nice change to be asked up front either way!

Gravalax, Kendells Bistro Leeds

In terms of the actual menu, I asked if they needed to narrow down the menu for me but they said pick what you fancy and then we’ll adapt it for you to make it suitable which I really appreciated. I opted for salmon gravlax for starter which was a simple adaptation; remove the bread.

For my main course, I opted for the cod (forgetting I’d ordered fish for starter!). This came on a bed of roast vegetables in a tomato based sauce. The waiter went to check with the chef that this dish could be adapted to remove the gluten and dairy which wasn’t a problem. The cod was beautifully cooked and was left to allow me to season to my taste.

Cod main course, Kendells Bistro Leeds

All in all, another fantastic meal at Kendells and I’m delighted that, even now I’m a very fussy customer, they can still cater for me…and they continue to do so with a smile :).

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