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Reality hits: No more Dairy Milk!

Reality hits: No more Dairy Milk!

I have to admit, once I’d committed to the York Test, I felt like it was going to solve all my problems. I bigged it up in my head that I was going to be intolerant to all sorts of things like gluten and yeast. So when my results came through on email around five days after I sent off my blood sample, I was half excited and half nervous.

Intolerance testI probably shouldn’t have read the email just before I was going to bed as needless to say, it was a pretty restless night afterwards as I began to overthink it! I have to say, I was incredibly disappointed with the results.

I had just two intolerances and no borderline intolerances. The first, cashew nuts. I’m not going to lie, I’m a fan of cashew nuts but I genuinely didn’t think I ate enough for it to be a problem. The second, cow’s milk. The reason I was disappointed? I hate milk and very rarely have it (I even have oat milk in my coffee) so I didn’t think it would a) be a problem to cut out or b) actually help my digestive problems. I was genuinely gutted, I wanted the results to come back and it would be glaringly obvious what the issue was.

And then I started to think more clearly. Being intolerant to the protein in cow’s milk doesn’t only mean you can’t drink milk…(and it isn’t before you are told you can’t have it that you realise) it’s in what feels like pretty much everything! No more Dairy Milk for me!

Bar of dairy milk

I’m still in the process of identifying exactly what I can and can’t eat so stick with me!


  1. Hi Kate

    Good luck with your dairy free diet, I hope everything goes well for you, I am going to follow your blog with great interest and good on you for doing it.


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