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What is homeopathy?

What is homeopathy?

A couple of weeks back I decided to try Homeopathy as part of my quest to solve my digestive problems. I’d done a bit of research around complementary therapies (which I can claim a certain amount for through my employee medical benefit) and Homeopathy seemed to be consistently quoted as being a remedy for IBS and digestive problems, as well as depression and skin disorders.

In all honesty, I’m still not 100% sure what Homeopathy is but I will tell you about my experience! I popped along to a clinic in Headingley and waited in the reception not having a clue what to expect. The lovely Jacqueline came to get me and we went into her consultation room. I sat there hoping she’d shed some light about exactly what I was there to do!

She explained that Homeopathy was a process in which you are given a remedy which prompts your body to heal itself. The next hour was spent in a situation that I could only describe as counselling! I’ve never had counselling before and I was shocked at how easy I found it (I was glad I didn’t really know what I was going there to do as I think I might have been nervous if I had known). It was basically a session in which I had to explain what my symptoms were and take my mind back to when I first experienced them. Everything started to fall into place ironically and I suddenly realised why so many people pay for counselling. It was clear that my external experiences had a major internal impact on me.

Bottle of homeopathic remedy

After spending an hour in which poor Jacqueline had to write down everything I said (there were reams and reams!!) she explained that she never prescribed there and then. Instead she took all my notes away and researched the best remedy for me, before sending it in the post with the instructions.

She asked me not to look up what the remedy had in it (or potion as I like to call it) as that tends to influence how you respond to it which makes sense. My potion came in a small bottle with a pipet and a piece of A4 paper with instructions on it. I had to read these about 10 times to make sure I had understood correctly! First I had to hit the bottle 5 times against my hand in order to activate the ingredients. I then had to put 125ml of mineral water in a clean glass before putting three drops of the potion into it and stirring vigorously before drinking just one teaspoon of the mixture!

How to take a homeopathic remedy

In all honesty, I have no idea what I’m expecting from this. I’m taking the potion everyday as directed but can’t say that I feel massively different. Annoyingly, my Homeopathy appointment coincided with me getting my York Test results so I started taking my potion and removing dairy from my diet at around the same time – hence I’m not totally sure which one is helping me (although my Homeopath said it was fine to do it together).

I have another appointment with Linda when I’ve been taking the remedy for four weeks so it will be interesting to see what she says about it.

Have any of you ever tried Homeopathy? Did it help your symptoms? I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences!


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